Frühstückstreff international edition

Welcome to Frühstückstreff Paris

Frühstückstreff Paris

We’re a group of friends, young people and the young at heart, who meet for breakfast on Sundays in several cities throughout Germany. Frühstückstreff is a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re new in town. Of course, when we travel abroad, we export the breakfast network idea and meet with people in the cities we visit.

Please join the guest list and we will keep you informed of upcoming events in Paris.

If you live in Paris, and if you would like to help us make this a regular event in your city, please contact us. The international Frühstückstreff Team will assist you in planning and promoting these events. We show you how it works and we will help you find new members for upcoming Frühstückstreff events in Paris.

Let’s have fun ...

Klaus Schultheis +49 61 51 59 42 12

Please join the guest list, if you would like to be invited to Frühstückstreff breakfast meetings and other events. We will keep you informed of upcoming events in your area. Tell your friends about Frühstückstreff if you like the idea.